Intrusion Detection Systems

When it comes to protecting your family from dangerous intruders, you need a home security system that provides a perimeter of home security protection, backed with interior protection devices. For that reason, TAG offers residential security solutions that do exactly that: utilize perimeter door protection on the exterior, and employ motion sensors on the interior, of your home. For additional coverage, we can also protect window openings with switches and glass break detectors. Our pet-friendly detectors can notify you of real intrusion; and unlike other systems, they do not activate when your pet wanders into the room. TAG employs home security professionals that install and maintain your systems with exceptional proficiency. In fact, our experts combine craftsman-like skill with today's hybrid technology, and will hide all the necessary wiring so that the area around your alarm stays neat and attractive. If you are seeking residential intrusion detection products to safeguard your home and family, contact TAG today. We can demonstrate products and answer your questions during a free security consultation.